Executive Board Meetings
Open to all Executive Members of the Council, generally meets at 7:15a.m. 

January  9                  Virtual Video Call
February 13              Virtual Video Call
March 19                   Virtual Video Call
April 9                        Virtual Video Call
May 7                         No Meeting
June 11                      Virtual Video Call
July 9                          Virtual Video Call
August                       No Meeting
September 10           Virtual Video Call
October 8                   Virtual Video Call
November 12            Virtual Video Call 
December                 No Meeting 

General Membership Meetings
Open to all members of the Business Council and their employees. The third Wednesday of each month. Sponsored by Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes Co., and Pro Group Management. 

January                      No Meeting
February 21              Carson Valley Inn
March 20                   Carson Valley Inn
April 17                       American AVK First Floor Meeting Room
May 22                        Town Hall Debate - 6pm Community Center

June 19                       Carson Valley Inn
July 17                         Carson Valley Inn
August                       No Meeting - Enjoy the summer
September 17          32nd Critical Issues Conference  - Tahoe Blue Events Center
October 9                  Town Hall Debate - 6pm Community Center
November 20           Joint meeting with Chamber - Location TBA
December                 No Meeting - Merry Christmas


Meeting Schedule 2024

The Business Council General membership meets monthly for breakfast with the latest updates and speakers on hot topics you need to know.  Never a Charge Breakfast sponsored by sponsored by Bently Nevada, A Baker Hughes Co., Bently Enterprises and Pro Group Management.

General Membership Meetings are open to members and their invited guests.