All Business Council regularly scheduled meetings are being held virtually each month. Members please read the Blog for the link and connection information each month.

For up to the minute Douglas County COVID-19 Cancelled Meetings List, Closures, Modified Service Hours, Tools and Assistance Updates please ​CLICK HERE


The Business Council is a nonprofit association of business owners and Industry leaders that have worked tirelessly on supporting and protecting one of the most beautiful areas in the United States, while striving for a diverse, sustainable and healthy economy.

As a businessperson managing a business in Douglas County or Northern Nevada, you can join the Council and discover how you can participate in building prosperity for yourself, your community and future generations. 

The Business Council hosts a members only Blog that releases real time news on relevant topics, government meetings and votes, pending projects, and member matters.

The General membership leadership meets monthly for breakfast with the latest updates and speakers on hot topics you need to know.  Never a charge. Meetings are open to members and invited guests.