Council members support the backbone of Douglas County. Private-sector business all providing the jobs and prosperity that our families and community depend on. Members of the Business Council are in good company and in good hands. The members represent the diverse economy of Douglas County and all members serve with responsibility. It’s the responsibility of working with other employers to ensure the positive climate for all businesses. They join forces with entrepreneurial talent, a highly educated workforce and high-tech companies while enjoying the location advantages and the natural resources that can add up to success in the new economy.

Business climates can change frequently due to proposed regulations, legislation, public sentiment and other variables.  The members of the Council contribute millions of dollars in tax revenue annually to the locally economy and account for thousands of jobs in Douglas County.   

For 27 years, our members have supported and served because they believe in a united community, weekly updates with a CEO briefing of meetings, county actions and votes, agenda's and much more.  We invest in Conferences, educational meetings, membership meetings, understanding critical community issues, public participation, and creation of local programs and sound policy making.

The Business Council is the strongest alliance of the most successful and innovative business sectors that support the local economy and community. With a highly respected membership, they offer thoughtful progress with a united voice.  The Council is strong in public relations and a source of information for the entire business community.  

We work with local and state government and use our membership strength to address government policies that will unleash your strengths — rather than tie you down with ever-growing burdens of taxes, mandates and red tape.

Please visit us often, for up to the minute news on a variety of issues in the county and Legislative activities. Please inquire today and learn how you can be a part of the future while supporting your community.