The Membership filled the Carson Valley Inn Ballroom to it's brim, and brought a positive energy you could feel. 

The speakers were over the top excellent and what a tremendous morning it was with the Spotlight awards. The lifetime achievement presentations for Sheriff Ron Pierini, Honorable Judge Tom Perkins and County Commissioner Nancy McDermid were full of Kodak moments.

To top it off, Chris Bently shared so much with us in one hour.  We laughed a little, we cried a little, we learned a lot, we collaborated, we celebrated and most of all, the membership remains stronger than ever in it's 26 year history and United and thoughtful in progress.

Special thanks go to Carson Valley Inn staff for waking up at 3am and ensuring every detail we wanted was complete.  Also big thank you's to the fabulous volunteer team that helps host the day of the event, checking everyone in, helping all day with photos, awards, you name it they get it done.

Thank you to all the sponsors that make the conference what it is. Thank you for spending your day with us and we look forward to moving into 2019 together.